We come from all over the world, we love Fine Wines and we love Greece.

We are a team of experts with exclusive access to audit all Luxury Wines of Greece, we are the only Greek medium to guarantee your investment, and we create exclusive wines for our Members only.

We are fighting for excellence!


Each year we collect and present the top ten Luxury Wines of Greece to renowned Wine Critics from around the world.

We review, audit and secure allocation of the wines of the Finalist List annually to guarantee quality and ensure security of your investment.

We create exclusive wines in miniature collections only for our Members.

We offer support for our Members for purchases of wines from all over Greece.


For the last thirty years, Greek wineries have been perfecting, in their amazing terroirs, wine productions of international varieties and reviving ancient indigenous varieties…….now, they are creating masterpieces!

“The future of Greek wine must go through miniature situations, with the right prices… … we do not have the wine for something else ……… many of the Greek wines, if they came from Tuscany, they would have an extra zero in their price easily……. I will remind you that all of Greece produces less wine than half the average production of Bordeaux, and that is only one area of France”. ​

Mr Konstantinos Lazarakis, No1 MW of Greece


Since our first event in London, 2017, we have been testing the response of the Fine Wines Connoisseurs of the world to rare Greek wines and reviewing the need for integrity and audits.

As a result, Greek Oenologists, MW’s and Sommeliers chose 42 Luxury Wines of Greece.

In 2020, we hosted a blind wine tasting event on an idyllic Greek island, invited a group of International Wine Collectors, Sommeliers, Wine Traders and Connoisseurs of Fine Wines from around the World and asked THEM to select the Top 10 Luxury Wines of Greece.